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On Tech: Looking back on WebSummit2016

The CultureJukebox team are just back from a fantastic few days in Lisbon, working from the WebSummit event.

We were particularly impressed with the FutureSocieties strand of the huge event, getting inspired by some big thinking about how technology can create a better and fairer society.

Talks from Alexander Mars (How Technology Can Change The Act Of Giving); Sam Kriss (Has The Internet Done More Harm Than Good); and Rallying Tech For Refugees were all particularly memorable. A few of the WebSummit talks are here.

Anyway, our team came away with lots of new contacts, big ideas and are writing stories for various start-ups based on our meetings there.  btw, there’s loads of images from the event on the WebSummit Flikr page here.

A few stats:

  • 53,056 people from 166 countries joined attended Web Summit

  • Its Women in Tech initiative meant that the female/male gender ratio at Web Summit 2016 is 42% to 58%. Nearly half of the registered attendees in Lisbon this week were female (well played WebSummit!)

  • And circa 97,000 Pasteis de Nata consumed (A few by us we’re pleased to say!)

Maybe see you in Lisbon next year…


@ WebSummit


Admiring the bonita azulejos… 😉

On Ideas: Introducing A New Way To Get Things Done

As you’ve probably read already, the CultureJukebox team like to get things done…

So, it was great to be introduced to a whole new way of sorting your life out, and saving some money too. Bidvine recently launched in the UK, and we’ve been really impressed with the website so far.

The website has a clear mission – “to enrich lives through fulfilling outcomes that improve relationships, make us smarter, and ultimately increase our ability to spend time on meaningful things”. Sounds good, right?

The website does this by connecting people with things to be done with those who are skilled at doing them. So, what does this mean in practice?

Essentially Bidvine allows you to search for a service via a postcode – finding the right expert at the right price to get something done. This could mean window cleaning, video editing, Spanish lessons, putting together Ikea furniture or something else entirely different.

What’s great about Bidvine is that once you put your job request out there, you get a variety of quotes back – meaning you can choose the one that best fits. There could be cost or timing implications or something else, the choice is yours really.

In total, Bidvine offers more than 600 services at dozens of locations around England. They have an app, and it’s worth exploring the website to find out more: https://www.bidvine.com/

Easy to use, smart and (potentially) a big time-saver too. Thumbs up!