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On Running: Following An Epic Adventure – running from Germany to Shanghai

The CultureJukebox team love an epic adventure – so it’s been great to follow @Junki72 on Twitter over the past few days.

He’s trying to do something truly remarkable. Run from Germany to China! Check out his progress here.

The run is ambitious. To say the least! Kai Markus is covering circa 12,000km over 235 days and across eight countries. Remarkable.

Given the craziness (and sheer distance) of his run, you’re probably thinking that Kai is one of those superhuman ultra runners. But Kai says he’s just a “crazy guy” and runner, trying to connect German and Chinese societies. Kai also wants to inspire young people to take up running and fitness. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” he says.

Kai interviewed before he starts his adventure (©JuliaSchwendner)

Kai (who is sponsored by sports brand 361°) kicked off his journey earlier this month in Hamburg with a crowd of supporters and press.

Kai, making friends along the way (©JuliaSchwendner)

And he’s already reached Poland! See some amazing images and read about Kai’s story on his blog here.

1. week – 1. country

On Art: Meng Zhou’s 0.064g – an exploration of silk and cocoon

The CultureJukebox team are looking forward to 0.064g – an exhibition of new work by Chinese artist Meng Zhou.

Curated by Yusi Xiong, this is the artist’s first solo exhibition in London. Featuring sculpture, painting, mixed-media work and video installation, the show presents alternative concepts for thinking about the individual’s relationship with both social and ecological environments, striking a balance between private and public, micro and macro – through the intriguing exploration of silk and cocoon.

(It’s an interesting time for Chinese cultural connections in the UK, as we’ve heard the British Council’s Creative Economy team are currently looking for UK maker spaces to host Shenzen talent. More information on that here.)

Here’s what the 0.064g  show preview has to say:

Zhou is of a generation that has formed its personalities and beliefs during a period of shifting social and economic circumstances, and through a boom in the availability of information and technology. Deeply engaged in the process of artistic creation, the contested notion of metamorphosis, and the becoming of oneself within a social environment, the artist consistently presents his distinct poetic and imaginative sensibility towards introspective concerns – which he has described as “being incubated and oppressed at the same time.”

0.064g collects these viewpoints and theories, on one hand presenting the artist’s personal narratives, mythologies and specific phenomenology, on the other representing the exploration of individual choices and potential within society through the notion of cocoon.


The show is taking place at the Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH. It is open from October 26th to November 6th. More information is here.