On Film: East End Film Festival Collaborates with Stonewall

The CultureJukebox team are huge fans of the culture & creative industries supporting the causes that really matter. So it was great to read about the brilliant East End Film Festival’s upcoming film event..
Next week (running from 4th-6th November) the festival is hosting a special weekend of screenings raising money for Stonewall UK. It’s all part of a nationwide series of events taking place as part of Stonewall Season, all aimed at raising money for this vitally important charity and their work.
The festival crew are returning to one of London’s outstanding screening venues in the extraordinary Masonic Temple at the Andaz Liverpool Street. They have programmed two cult films that deserve to be seen within an LGBT context (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and Tony Scott’s The Hunger), with a third evening of screenings featuring a trio of documentaries from VICE, complete with director introductions.
More information is available here. Tickets are just £10, and you can support the festival team on social media too.
Here’s the film line-up in full:Friday 4th November the East End Film Festival presents A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

When A Nightmare on Elm Street became an unexpected smash hit, the birth of a horror classic also spawned a huge number of sequels to Wes Craven’s terrifying original. What was less predictable was that A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 would also be one of the gayest mainstream horror films ever made. Following a young man named Jesse who battles with Freddy Kruger when his family moves to Elm Street, this is classic 1980s slasher fare, but with a twist: all the victims are male, Jesse seems to prefer his best friend to his girlfriend, there’s terror in the locker room… and that’s not even mentioning a visit to a particular type of nightclub. A one off example of Hollywood (unintentionally) green lighting a script intentionally laden with gay subtext, don’t miss the chance to see this classic gay horror landmark on the big screen, in the most spectacular of settings.

Saturday 5th November the East End Film Festival presents The Hunger

A chilling classic starring the iconic David Bowie, Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve, Tony Scott’s tale of love, lust and vampires is one of the most stylish and erotic horror films ever made. A tale of a love triangle between Deneuve’s vampire and her two paramours (the achingly cool Bowie and Sarandon, who became romantically involved whilst making the film), a thrilling life of seduction and blood sucking on New York City’s nightclub scene soon take a terrifying turn, when it becomes clear that immortality may be an illusion. Featuring one of the best ever movie openings, as well as perhaps the greatest lesbian seduction scene ever committed to film, this is American Gothic at its stylish, erotic best, but with a twist.

Sunday 6th November VICE Media presents three original short documentaries each introduced by people behind the films.

Young and Gay: In Putin’s Russia introduced by Milène Larsson (Filmaker)

When Russian President Vladimir Putin passed anti-gay ‘propaganda’ legislation in the summer of 2014, the country effectively institutionalised homophobia throughout the nation and turned Russia’s LGBT population into full-blown enemies of the state. The all-pervasive law systematically dismantled basic human rights, blocking LGBT people from accessing support or legal help in every aspect of Russian society and led to a sharp rise in homophobic attacks and hate crime.

Ahead of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, VICE News travelled to Russia to investigate the effects of the country’s state-sanctioned homophobia on Moscow’s LGBT youth, meeting leading gay rights activists, Putin’s spin doctor, the lawmaker behind the repressive legislation and the individuals protesting against their own government for the right to live freely and without fear.

Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens introduced by Christo Geoghegan (Host / Co-Producer)

VICE News travels to the sewers of New Kingston to meet the ‘Gully Queens’ – a group of young LGBTI Jamaicans forced out of family homes and into the underground dwellings of the capital by the constant threat of attack, rape and murder by anti-gay mobs.

In a country where the ‘Buggery Law’ still exists and carries a ten-year prison sentence, VICE News explores how young trans girls and gay men are leading the fight against Jamaica’s institutionalised homophobia through visibility and a fierce community spirit.

Gaycation: Japan introduced by Will Fairman (Series Producer)

GAYCATION follows best friends Ellen Page and Ian Daniel as they set off to explore LGBT cultures around the world, starting with Japan, where same-sex marriage is still not legal and LGBT couples often bear a social stigma. Despite the huge challenges, parts of the gay community continue to thrive in Japan’s vibrant culture and nightlife and in some cities, same-sex marriage is even starting to become recognised.

In a journey which includes getting ‘friendship-married’ at a Buddhist temple, working at a rent-a-friend agency and joining the party in the world’s smallest gay bar, Ellen and Ian find out what it’s really like to identify as LGBT in Japan and meet some of the people struggling to find their voice in a country that refuses to give them equal rights under the law.



Tickets are available here.


On Trends: Personalisation and Crafting your own Chivas Regal whisky

The CultureJukebox team is always on the look-out for trends that way we see the world around us, so it was intriguing to spot the Chivas Regal space that’s opened up in East London. A real-world demonstration of classic craft, making, and personalisation.

It offers people the chance to craft their very own blended Scotch whisky under the guidance of experts in an intimate setting in Shoreditch.


Chivas Regal is the world’s first luxury Scotch whisky (we did not realise that!) and has launched The Blend. This space is an exclusive whisky bar and ‘Art of Blending’ experience.

The Blend offers a unique opportunity to create your own bespoke, blended whisky. Each experience offers an Art of Blending’ session from Chivas Regal whisky experts.

It’s a chance to learn about the heritage, history and origins of single malt and grain whiskies, tasting examples from Speyside, Islay, the Highlands and Lowlands as well as delicate grain Scotch whisky.

It’s always good to learn too! On this experience you see how the spirit is ‘blended’ to create the distinctive Chivas Regal house style.

And here’s one of the best bits: everyone can create and take home your very own blended whisky to enjoy too!

Follow the hashtag #MyChivasBlend for more information. The experience is taking place at the Truman Brewery (91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QR) and is open until December 4th. Check out the website for more information here.


On Internet Culture: Looking Forward To The Web Summit

The CultureJukebox team are hyped to be attending this year’s WebSummit in Lisbon. We are going to be writing about new digital trends, social enterprise and the intersection of the internet and popular culture.

Drop us a line if you are heading to Lisbon too! jukeboxjournalist@gmail.com

More than 7,000 UK attendees will join more than 40,000 others from 165 different countries at this year’s Web Summit.

It takes place between November 7th and 10th, more details are here. The UK attendees include 100 startup companies, 108 speakers, 167 investors and 306 journalists.

Over the three day event, UK attendees will look to promote the growing technology sector in the UK with 12 startups participating in START, Web Summit’s programme for high potential startups. UK Investors will also participate in Investor office hours which gives them the opportunity to meet with hundreds of startups while 108 speakers will participate across Web Summit’s 15 conference stages.


We can’t wait for things to start! See you there #WebSummit


On Culture: Napapijri brings nature and urban culture together

The CultureJukebox team were invited to a special Napapijri event in London’s Shoreditch this week, a remarkable expression of the brand’s values and launching its AW16 collection.

A truly immersive event, the night brought together striking light installations, unforgettable video & projections and a breathtaking musical performance from four international pianists sat at grand pianos.


The sound and visuals were all powerful, inspired by nature and passionate explorers, celebrating tribe of individuals who see the world with a thoughtful mind and an artful touch.

The space was designed by VJ artist Heleen Blanken, four concert pianists played Simeon ten Holt’s Canto Ostinato on four raised grand pianos. The pianists – Fred Oldenburg, Irene Russo, Sandra van Veen and Jeroen van Veen – are all internationally celebrated for their work, and to be surrounded by the four performing together was an elevating adventure.


While the music played, the musicians and audience were enveloped by Heleen Blanken’s video artwork, enabling each art-venturer to interpret their own fantastic sonic journey through the various themes: the forest, the starry skies, the mountain and shelter. Like Napapijri itself, Heleen Blanken’s artwork is concerned with the discourse between industrial destruction and the beauty of nature; the urban and the wild. Guests were invited to lie down in the comfort of the Napapijri experience as the music rose and swelled around them, transporting them into the four simultaneous harmonious worlds.

Of course, the event was also live streamed through Napapijri’s Facebook channel, allowing consumers in other countries to join in with the evening online. There’s loads more information on Napapijri’s website here.


On Art: Meng Zhou’s 0.064g – an exploration of silk and cocoon

The CultureJukebox team are looking forward to 0.064g – an exhibition of new work by Chinese artist Meng Zhou.

Curated by Yusi Xiong, this is the artist’s first solo exhibition in London. Featuring sculpture, painting, mixed-media work and video installation, the show presents alternative concepts for thinking about the individual’s relationship with both social and ecological environments, striking a balance between private and public, micro and macro – through the intriguing exploration of silk and cocoon.

(It’s an interesting time for Chinese cultural connections in the UK, as we’ve heard the British Council’s Creative Economy team are currently looking for UK maker spaces to host Shenzen talent. More information on that here.)

Here’s what the 0.064g  show preview has to say:

Zhou is of a generation that has formed its personalities and beliefs during a period of shifting social and economic circumstances, and through a boom in the availability of information and technology. Deeply engaged in the process of artistic creation, the contested notion of metamorphosis, and the becoming of oneself within a social environment, the artist consistently presents his distinct poetic and imaginative sensibility towards introspective concerns – which he has described as “being incubated and oppressed at the same time.”

0.064g collects these viewpoints and theories, on one hand presenting the artist’s personal narratives, mythologies and specific phenomenology, on the other representing the exploration of individual choices and potential within society through the notion of cocoon.


The show is taking place at the Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH. It is open from October 26th to November 6th. More information is here.


On Travel: Generator wins Best Youth Accommodation Award

The CultureJukebox team are big fans of the experience-led Generator hostel group, and this week it picked up the award for Best Youth Accommodation at the 2016 Global Youth Travel awards.

It was the second year in a row for the group, well deserved too.  It was voted for by more 5,000 young travellers. They gave their thumbs-up to the Generator team, that is disrupting the traditional hostel and hotel model through a curated, design and experience led approach to shared accommodation.

“We are pleased to be recognised by our travellers once again as the ‘Best Youth Accommodation Provider’. We are passionate about the customer experience, as we strive to offer the most exciting design and experience led hospitality with a strong connection to local culture.

With Amsterdam, Stockholm and Rome having opened this year, we are continuing our rapid expansion and look forward to opening our first US Generator in Miami South Beach next year, with an exciting new property in Madrid to follow – continuing to spread #Genlove across Europe and beyond.” ~ Fredrik Korallus, CEO of Generator 

We are now planning our next trip. Watch this space

On Culture: Songs For The End Of The World

The CultureJukebox team are huge fans of the Battersea Arts Centre’s creative and forward-thinking programming, and it’s great to hear about a brilliant sounding new show – Songs For The End Of The World.

The production is unique blend of sci-fi, comic-book thinking and concept album; all inspired by Philip K Dick’s post-apocalyptic novel Dr.Bloodmoney and the futuristic star-gazing world of Ziggy Stardust

A link to more information on the show is here. And here is what the flyer has to say:

Welcome to New Albion, a near-future post-brexit, austerity Britain, owned and controlled by mega-corporation New Global. While some predict a Biblical Armageddon, many are simply preparing for the end.

When the apocalypse arrives, hapless astronaut Jim Walters is suspended in orbit on his journey to another life on Mars, broadcasting his songs for the end of the world back to a silent Earth, in the hope that someone might hear…

Promising a music gig meeting epic theatre, it’s from the genius mind of theatre-maker Dom Coyote and his high-octane band the Bloodmoneys.


Dom Coyote has written and performed music for some of the UK’s most exciting theatre companies. A long standing collaborator with Kneehigh Theatre, he performed in Battersea Arts Centre’s Grand Hall in the epic Don Jon as well as in Cymbeline (RSC) and  A Matter of Life and Death (National Theatre).

The Bloodmoneys have toured and recorded with Scissor Sisters, Beth Orton, Gary Numan, Goldfrapp and Tinie Tempah. Check out the trailer and book tickets on the BAC website here.

On Culture: The Waldorf Project is back

The Waldorf Project: Chapter Three / FUTURO is returning to London in its biggest and most ambitious incarnation yet. Chapter Three / FUTURO will guide participants through the vast abyss, manipulating their emotions and responses in a genre-defying, multi-sensory experience – expressed in a universe of black and white alone.

One of the CultureJukebox team’s favourite London creative crews – this is a truly expansive immersive experience. Not to be missed.

The event is take place at Here East, London’s home for making, is – as a hub for entrepreneurs and pioneers of technology – the perfect stage for The Waldorf Project’s latest Chapter, presenting a world full of intrigue and wonder, unimaginable even to the most seasoned of Waldorf Project devotees.


The Waldorf Project is staged under the concept of the Japanese emotion ‘AMAE’, meaning ‘a temporary surrender in perfect safety’. As in its previous chapters, The Waldorf Project unites the most pioneering practitioners in the worlds of environment design, product design, sound design, choreography, costume and textile design, and gastronomy, engendering through the birth of a new art form a rare synergy.


Orchestrated and directed by artist Sean Rogg, the experience takes place between individual stages, or environments (each creating a new emotive synchronisation of taste, sound, touch and sight), participants will be immersed in the void of the cathedral-like sensation. Lost in the vacuum, they will be guided to move both as individuals and as a newly formed cumulative organism. Using exciting technologies and emotional manipulation, The Waldorf Project will explore new ways of implementing its algorithmic methods to manipulate the group, as developed in previous chapters; the ‘organism’, by interacting with its environment, will, ultimately, bring it to life and even learn to control it.

“We are not thinking beings that feel; we are feeling beings that think” ~ Antonio Domasio, Professor of Neuroscience, University of California


“Those attending the experience will have their minds opened to the fanciful and phenomenal possibilities envisaged by preceding generations, before worldly pressures took over and stifled such thinking. By taking our guests on a journey, guided by their senses and interactions with hosts and fellow guests, we aim to satiate their inquisitiveness of these progressive worlds. Upon entering and experiencing Chapter Three / FUTURO, the environment we all live our daily lives in may seem a little humdrum to the initiated” ~
artist, Sean Rogg

The Waldorf Project: Chapter Three / FUTURO runs for nine nights, Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th November and Tuesday 15th – Sunday 20th November 2016.

For further information and for tickets visit www.waldorfproject.com