On Culture: The Magic of teamLab’s Digital Art

I was lucky enough to see a huge TeamLab installation on a working trip to Tokyo in early 2015. Their work really knocked me sideways.

Since 2001, teamLab has created some of the world’s very best digital art. Founded by Toshiyuki Inoko, the Japanese interdisciplinary art collective of “ultra-technologists” brings together artists, engineers, mathematicians, programmers, architects, and other creatives to make works that are staggering in both beauty and scale.

“The digital realm, free from physical constraints, allows for unlimited possibilities of expression and transformation. Digital technology is a tool for change and a platform to express complex ideas and details.” ~ Toshiyuki Inoko

I had a play in the Light Ball Orchestra – a beautiful way to make the digital world real.

teamLab’s latest project, Living Digital Space and Future Parks, is a 20,000 square foot installation features 20 digital works, some of which have been exhibited previously, and others of which are making their debuts.

Among the most impressive new work is Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Boarders, which features digital butterflies flying through the exhibit space, while the patterns on their wings—programmed in real time, not pre-recorded—constantly evolve. These digital butterflies fly into spaces occupied by other works, blurring the lines that separate the individual pieces of art.

Here’s hoping teamLab do some work in London sooner rather than later..

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